Methi ke Parathe

and then on a day when you’ve been bored out of your guts because you’ve been made to work from home there comes a savior dressed in green and black and a thick ponytail with a satchel holding in it a box of yummy mummy methi ke parathe!!

not too many people in my world have been able to get these parathas right… they shy away from the salt and water routine that methi is supposed to be treated to to get rid of it’s bitterness and then that screws it up all.. You just can’t be in a hurry with these green leafy bunches!

but there they were… all yummy and tasty and ghee’d up… and then there was gajar ka achar made by mommy dearest and some excellent mirchi ka achar from Mother’s Recipe

teamed with a cucumber spinach juice (from Real) (sounds awful i know… but is one of the freshest things that come in a tetrapak on this planet!) it was heaven on a full moon night as the food giver stared endlessly into the lava lamp!

such is everyday nirvana!


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