Office Saints and Namkeen Seviyan

the world is a beautiful place when you have office mates who don’t mind you gobbling up their entire tiffin without so much as a thought for what they will eat! I have one such office mate who’s tiffin I love to dive into! On many a day when I have run out and skipped breakfast it is this tiffin that has saved me from death by hunger!

yesterday had me in office at a freaky 8:30 AM! now in my world that is the deepest act of insanity! you walk into a dark gloomy floor, fumble around for light switches, the a/c is as cold as ever ‘coz you are the only one on the office floor and even the chai wala has not arrived! so come 11 AM when my savior walked in it was time to raid the blue and gray box of goodies! and lo and behold…!! this was one of the best meals in that box of goodies!! It was soya cooked with mustard and curry leaves… and it was this truly amazing dal which almost tasted like mutton and not dal!! (Yes – the recipes have been asked for and shall duly be experimented with!! 🙂 ) The stomach decided to go into a trance while singing hymns of blessings at every morsel of that food!

by the time it was 6 PM yours truly had been in office for a gruelling 10 hours and could do with more food to keep me going! it wasn’t the want of food so much as the need to get comforted… and another office saint who typically does not get his dabba on a friday (for we eat out) had decided to get one and it was lying humbly ignored in it’s little black and white cover… it held in it the wonderful juicy mix of capsicum, onion and tomatoes and some wonderful rotis! Ahh.. heaven thy name is a box of food that’s almost like a big hug to the tummy!

you would think 10 hours is enough for a sane person at work… here’s something you should know… when we remember we are all mad then life stands explained! 😉 It was another 7 hours before the circus decided to let up and i decided to trudge back home…! now you can’t blame me on a day like this if i forgot that my car was parked in the basement and not in the half km away parking lot!! I guess this was a blessing in disguise coz i had these 2 lovely strays run up to me with their tails wagging as i played with them and forgot all about the day at work (apart from the food of course!) I firmly believe that some warm food and furry friends go a long way in keeping your sense of peace firmly rooted around you… (and here’s a pic of mom to prove it!)

well… i still needed dinner..  not too much energy left to chop and stir the easiest option was namkeen seviyan! So I heated up some oil while I peeled off a couple of carrots… put in a generous helping of jeera and mustard seeds and let it bubble away to happiness! To that I added one green chilly finely chopped with the old faithful kitchen scissors straight over the flame and let happiness find it’s way back to me in the smoky smells of chilly and mustard!

this is a call for the diced carrots… and then some of that infamous pre sautéed tomato from the box in the fridge and then of course capsicum! (yes.. over a period of time you will realize that life without capsicum is a very boring monotone of reds).

In it all went.. and with it went in three fistfulls of the seviyan cut open and free’d from a packet of bambino. cover it with enough water… stir in the salt… and finish off the coriander from that box with holes in the fridge for now it is 5 days old and will die any which way! cover it and let it steam while you wash up and change and figure out which book you would curl up with to beckon sleep and it will be done!

revel in the wonderful aroma of fresh masala and gobble away! sweet dreams are made of namkeen seviyan i say!


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