Hippie Chef

Love like a fat kid loves chocolate and cook with even more abandon!

This is the story of a convert… of going from tuna sandwiches to veggie club sandwiches… of going from steaks and sausages to exploring the love of carrots and thyme!

This is also the story of a living by herself and juggling a weird houred job and trying to eat something decent apart from what the office food court has to offer foodie as she trudges this life in a hope to grow her own mint, coriander and oregano someday!

But most of all… this is the story of a short cut loving, happy go lucky, hippie cook who loves to feed and to be well fed.. of someone who seriously canNOT think straight on an empty stomach and of someone who gets bouts of manic depression if she hasn’t eaten right!

Now right is very subjective… and that’s how we shall keep it! Some of the methods adopted here might prove appalling to several mothers… especially the fact that she keeps her onions chopped and sauted, tomatoes chopped and well done, garlic peeled, coriander and mint sorted in boxes with tiny holes, green chillies and lemons in netlon bags, curd bought from the market and aata goondoed and all ready to make parathas and rotis and churn out oodles of food at the drop of a hat! (oh… all that is a weeks worth stored in the beautiful refrigerator covered with magnets and knick knacks!)

Yes yes.. The Horror! That my foodie friend lies at the heart of this blog… surviving the long hours in a big city with traffic jams.. yet managing to c(r)ook up a storm!

Happy exploring my short cut loving experiments in vegetarianism! And oh yes.. go cook your own too… as they say – food for thought is no substitute for the real thing!



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