Of Corn Bake and Aam Panna!

so it’s been a few tumultuous days and i haven’t really been in my den hence there has been less of me on this blog… and less food that i have been cooking even though it continues to be yumm dumm yummm de dumm and home cooked!

so sexy sam paid a visit to namma bengaluru and was to drop into humble barsaati with ocean blue floor tiles and pink walls at 8 in the morning! Called for grand breakfast morning now didn’t it?

and so we set about making the lovely passed on from dad recipe of corn bake! ~ ahh of simplicity and complexity in the same bowl as it finds a way to finally melt in your mouth in it’s nutmegged happiness!

take fresh.. absolutely fresh corn still on the cob… break it in two and call on the services of the infamous paanch litre ka cooker! put in in.. add a pinch of sugar (yes sugar.. it brings out the natural sweetness of this beautiful corn and adds millions to the taste – that one tiny pinch!)

Give it about a whistle and a half and wait for the cooker to open! Ahh… such wonderful smells of steamed yellow joy! Scrape of the lovely boiled corn from the cob using a knife and voila… fresh corn!

What you have done in the meanwhile is utilized the efficiencies of the food processor… (for future reference this one shall be called GurrPurr) and belted out these lovely thin sliced onions!

And what’s life without simla mirch! So there she sits all nice and chopped waiting to be stirred into wholesomeness! (Personally I have thought that capsicum by itself is rather incomplete however when mixed in with other lovelies it is too good to be true!).

There it begins… a weeny bit of olive oil boiling away with a few peppercorns spilled in (i used black and white both!)…

As those begin to cackle, in go the onions… and as they turn this pretty pink in goes the corn and the capsicum! Let it bhuno for some time and then sprinkle about 2 fistfuls of maida on it!

Let it turn into this wonderful warm light brown and add in a packetful of milk… it should just about cover the mix in the old faithful aluminium ka kadhai.. add in salt to taste… lots of freshly ground pepper, a pinch (yes a tiny pinch of nutmeg! with nutmeg less is more!) and bring in one tiny boil! It’s best to keep stirring this thing to avoid the white sauce from sticking to the sides (and that my friends was also your secret encounter with a shortcut white sauce!)… simmer it for a bit and take it off the flame!

I normally end up ending it here and start the devouring… however I had a guest! So it went into this beautiful porcelain bowl inherited from mom and got two cheese slices on it and was all shoved in the microwave and put to bake! About  5 minutes is magical enough! And there it is.. this wonderful, hot, comforting, loving, steaming bowl of ‘corn bake’ served with brown bread and some strongly flavored cold coffee! 🙂 Fatness is happening!

Days turned to nights and nights to day and I found myself in Delhi! Dilli ki sardi ka to pata nahi however the dilli ki garmi had instantly gotten to me and when I found myself in the sabji market in the evening going happy with the greens I also found myself over joyed to find kachcha aam! An instant phonecall to mommy dearest made me realize this really is the simplest thing on this planet to make!! And there I was happily buying these 6 medium sized ambi’s and some gorgeous green pudina!

Now my mother knows the shortcut loving freak that I am! And so she says put the lovely green mangoes in the cooker.. cover with enough water and let the cooker have fun maaroing chaar seeti’s at the hari bhari kaeris! And let it stand overnight! So that’s what we did!

Then morning morning after the lovely cup of adrak wali chai and the breakfast of an easy peasy omani omlette (we shall leave that for another post since I quite love the short cutted healthiness of it to keep making it!) we got around to opening the cooker and smelling the khattaas of the boiled mangoes! Just roll up your sleeves and dip your hands and as you remove aaaallll the pulp and remove the peel and the seed! This slushy mush should then be put in parts into a blender and well… blended!! It becomes this even spread thick paste like thing in fairly large quantities! Here is when if it’s too pasty you add water and bring it to drinkable tendencies… In go about 6-7 large tablespoons of sugar… free flowing fresh bhunoed and peesa hua jeera, lots of black salt… and you remember that pudina we bought? Wash it and crush it in a mortar and pestle and dunk it all in! Stir away to let the chaos in your mind settle as your soul and your taste buds both find their peace! Keep adding in the sugar and the masalas and the pudina as needed till desired level of peace is attained! 🙂

Chill! The aam panna and the self! Serve on the rocks!